50″ Wooden Rabbit Guinea Pig Hutch Wooden Rabbit Guinea Pig House


This pet hutch is beautifully crafted from FIR wood and has a triangular shape. With no rough edges or splinters, this pet hutch would be perfect for animals such as a small rabbit, guinea pig, ferret. This hutch is spacious and the length of it allows the animal in it to run around. Furthermore, this hutch features two doors making it easy to clean and a cosy sleeping area which has a wooden floor making it more comfortable for your pet. Please note that this item requires home self assembly.

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1.Put anywhere and have an instant home.Use in the garden to keep the grass down (save on mowing!)
2.Two opening doors for easy access
3.Strong wire with opening for easy access
5.Separate sleeping area run area with divider
6.Sturdy and lightweight.Open base so can put on grass

1. Dimensions: (50.39 x 23.62 x 20.08)” / (128 x 60 x 51)cm (L x W x H)
2. Weight: 264.55oz / 7500g
3. Gate Dimensions: (15.75 x 19.69)” / (40 x 50)cm (W x H)
4. Small Door Dimensions: (11.02 x 19.69)” / (28 x 50)cm (W x H)
5. Interior Arch: Dimensions: (5.91 x 9.06)” / (15 x 23)cm (W x H)
6. Material: Fir

Package Includes:
1 x Living House
1 x Instruction


Additional information

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions52.17 × 23.23 × 3.94 in



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