64.7″ Multi-Level Cat Tree For Large Cats

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64.7″ Multi-Level Cat Tree is a luxury apartment for your beloved cats. It has everything your kitty needs to play, scratch, and lounge. There are many spots of entertainment and relaxing, and there is always one he likes. There are many steps for cats to jump, posts for them to scratch, platforms for them to overlook, hammocks for them to rest, and baskets for them to nap.

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  1. MULTI-LEVEL CASTLE FOR CATS: Multi-Level Cat Tree is the ideal all-in-one spot for your kitty to do all the things she loves, from lounging to leaping to honing her expert hunting skills. We added lots of jump board to take exercise for our furry friends. The soft perches and condos are designed so that they can either run and jump happily or take a rest on them. Two condos act as lounge, while providing privacy to the desired spaces.
  2. SPECIAL ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Considering the space utilization and different preferences of different people, the part of a middle platform connected to is rotatable so that you can change the angle to get a perfect style to fit your room. If you have two or more furry friends, this cat tower is enough for them to play and jump together. They can choose where they like and stay all day.
  3. WIDENED PERCHES: We specifically made the perches large to meet the needs of cats of different ages, even a big fat cat can fit. The perches are designed to provide a spot for relaxing and nap, as well as offering a good view for cats.
  4. STABLE & DURABLE: Stability is always priority. The thickened bottom plate and enlarged platform ensure the stability of all cat trees and prevent them from toppling over as they jump and scratch. The sturdy pillars also add to its stability.
  5. COVER-SISAL WRAPPED SCRATCHING POSTS: The posts are covered with natural sisal, perfect for sharpening cats’ claws. The cats like to scratch the posts more than your furniture so that protect your furniture from damage.

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