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It is cat’s inherited behavior to scratch things around, such as sofa, pillow, furniture and so on. It is one of the methods to grip cat’s sharp claws. This gingerbread pet house may be a good choice for you to keep their claws away from your design adds privacy and emphasizes your cat’s personal space, doubling as a cozy condo as well as a designated space for your kitty to sink their claws into. Modern craft ensures its high durability. And its harden treatment based on premium material makes this board durable and harmless. Once you buy this board, you will gain additional catnip, a sort of herbaceous plant which could make this board more attractive. How about trying at present?

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1.Made of environmentally friendly corrugated paper, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable. No staining, no pungent odor, no poison, very safe.
2.Strong enough to hold weight up to 10kg.
3.Large enough to be a cat house, perfect for a normal cat or multiple cat households, suggest to accommodates a cat up to 6kg(211 ounce) weight.
4.The front and rear doors are 6.5″ and 8.6″ in size respectively for your cat to easily climb in and out.
5.Ceilings and floors upgraded to 1.18 “Thickened honeycomb corrugated board. Grasp and durable, stable structure.
6.CThe cardboard pet house comes with a blank exterior and interior for cat owners to customize to their liking. Give it some character with your own personal creative touches.


1. Material: Corrugated Paper
2. Color: Earthy Yellow
3. Post-assembly Dimensions: (19.68 x 13.77 x 14.56)” / (50 x 35 x 37)cm (L x W x H)
4. Door Dimensions: (8.6 x 7.28)” / (22 x18.5)cm (L  x H)
5.Window Dimensions: (6.5 x 4.3)” / 16.5×11)cm (L  x H)
6. Weight: 56oz /1200g
7.Assemble or not: Need

Package Includes:

1 x Cardboard House



Additional information

Weight3.52 lbs
Dimensions23.23 × 15.75 × 3.15 in



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