Cat Tree Sisal Scratching Post With Dangling Toys

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The top cat bed is super large (sufficient to sleep 2 cats) and is detachable for easy cleaning and machine wash.

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Comfortable and Stable: Wrapped in plush, very comfortable. The support of the two posts makes the cat sleep on the top floor very stable and safe. The high-density wood board at the bottom is 3CM thick (the stability rate increase about 30%).

Medium Size Design: The height from the ground is based on the length of the cat’s stretched waist. The medium height design is suitable for the cat to jump up and down, providing the cat with a lot of space for activities. The cat scratching board (stair) is also designed for scratching with different positions and is also suitable for kittens, fat cats, disabled cats, and also aged cats.

Long & Strong High-Quality Scratch Post: 45CM full wrapped scratching post & 4MM Natural Sisal Rope. Met cat’s nature to scratch and bite. Made by material with the light smell of natural sisal rope. The strengthened rope is much stronger and can last much longer.

Replaceable Cat Toy: Unique Hanging Ball is a revolutionary design. Cats love to play and bite the rope balls, But 95% of Cat Tree hanging balls are easily broken within 3 months. Now, we can easily replace it with our Unique “Capsule” Ball Design. We gift 1 ball for replacement and you can get more at our Store.

Size: L*W*H =48*45*86cm/19.7 * 17.7 * 33.9”. Weight: 11kg/24.2lb. It is recommended 2~3 cats up to 6 kg for the best experience.



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