Medium Wooden Cage For Small Animals

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  1. Green asphalt roof and waterproof paint coated on the wood for long time use
  2. Spacious resting area and running area for your pet to have a good rest and good play
  3. Pull-out tray for easy cleaning
  4. designed with a nesting box to create a quiet environment for raw eggs
  5. Designed with a steel slide pole for easy open and close the door

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  1. Green asphalt roof and natural wood color combination Blends well into the scenery in your garden.
  2. Spacious activity areas and warm sheltered resting room is perfect for chickens.
  3. Removable tray is easy to slide out for cleaning to ensure a neat regularly maintained environment.
  4. Complimentary steel slide pole built to easily control the door between the ramp and resting room.
  5. Firwood with safeguard waterproof paint is made hutch resilient and durable for outdoor use.


  1. Overall dimensions: 67 x 26 x 47 inch (L X W X H)(please note,the width including the dimension of the roof)
  2. nesting box dimensions:21 x 14 x 14 inch (LXWXH)(without the nesting box roof)
  3. main house door dimensions: 14 x 9 inch (LXWXH)
  4. Wire door dimensions: 10 x 21 inch (LXWXH)
  5. Ramp dimensions;24 x 8 inch (LXWXH)

Package Size: (Package No, LxWXH, Gross Weight)

1 Package: 50x28x10 inches,  G.W: 69.52lbs  N.W: 61.71lbs

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Weight69.51 lbs
Dimensions50 × 27.03 × 9.03 in



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