Multi-Platform 65.3″ Cat Tree With Sisal Scratching Posts

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Multi-Platform 65.3″ Cat Tree with Sisal Scratching Posts, Deluxe Condo, 2 Top Perches and Hammock Bed for Large Cats, Grey

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MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: The cat tree with 8 levels provides plenty of room to jump and satisfy their daily exercise for kittens. The condo is at the bottom, where the cat can rest at any time. There are several platforms for them to jump and climb on and there is a cozy blanket in the middle for him to rest in. The two top perches give them a good view to see the scenery outside and give them a sense of security at the top.

MEET THE CAT’S CORE NEEDS: The Multi-Platform 65.3″ Cat Tree helps satisfy your cat’s care needs at home: play, exercise, scratching, climbing, privacy, entertainment, napping, and lounging, it makes the cats immersed in a world of joy all day long.

100% SISAL-COVERED SCRATCHING POSTS: Several scratching posts fully wrapped with durable sisal satisfy the cat’s natural instincts to sharpen their claws and protect your furniture from scratching.

SAFE & STURDY: Batten-strengthened base ensures the stability of the whole cat condo and the material of the cat tree is also friendly to your beloved cats. A dozen strong pillars also ensure the stability of the cat tower to prevent the cat tree from toppling while cats playing.

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