Wooden House Cage For Small Animals

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This hutch is similar to a bunk bed as there are two cages stacked on each other. The house includes raised legs to keep it off the ground and makes it much more difficult for any other pests to be able to enter. The house has removable floors. It is easy for you to clean and you do not need to waste much time. The roof is asphalt shingled which is much durable and adds extra security. There are 2 doors of each cage, totally 4 doors. The doors all have locks to guarantee security. Most of all, the space is big enough for your lovely pet to rest and play. With its many excellent features, this house is really a good place to let your bunnies and other small animals be in

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  1. Overall dimensions:48″ L X 19.7″ W X 41″ H(including the size of the roof)
  2. Designed with striped wooden planks to prevent wood wear from being bitten
  3. Two separate rooms with two trays are designed for multiple uses
  4. Made of Firwood known for strength and durability
  5. Waterproof roof for extra resistance and protection from outdoor elements
  6. Pull out drawer for easy cleanup

Size Details :

Ramp size:31.5″L X 5.7″W

Wire door size:21.8″L X 14.5″W

upper wood house:18.6″H; lower wood house:21.3″H

Wood door:14.2″L X 14.4″W

Package Size: (Package No, LxWXH, Gross Weight)

1 Package: 51x21x10inches, 48.79lbs

Additional information

Weight48.79 lbs
Dimensions50.08 × 20.37 × 9.07 in



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2 reviews for Wooden House Cage For Small Animals

  1. Zona Muckerman (verified owner)

    Use it for chicks as an outdoor brooder. Hardware cloth is added to the wire to make it more resistant to chickens/carnivores. A wire must be added to the bottom to help support the bottom tray.

  2. Raul Munzell (verified owner)

    Super easy to put together. A board is broken, but this is easy to fix. In addition, I was able to put a hinge on it so that I could open the top cage. My rabbits love their privacy in their new bedroom.

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