Wooden Pet House Grey

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The chicken coop is made of fir wood, non-toxic and weatherproof. The metal wire is galvanised and offers good protection against robbers such as martens, foxes.

An easy-climb ramp leads from the lower ground level to the upper floor. A pull-out tray makes cleaning easy.

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  1. Felted roof waterproof
  2. Includes a slide-out galvanized tray for easy cleaning.
  3. External nest box with two nesting sections.
  4. Sliding door at the top of the ramp to lock your birds away at night.
  5. 1x internal roosting perch
  6. 2 gates in front for easy access

Material: Fir Wood
Color: Grey
Net Weight: 46.2lbs
Overall Dimension: 66.54″Lx25.98″Wx39.37″H
Wood Door Dimension: 22.83″Lx13.62″ W

Wire Door Dimension: 18.11″Lx11.81″ W
Run Box Dimension: 37″Lx22.2″Wx13.8″H (under house), 27.17″Lx22.24″Wx30.15″H (side)
Nesting Box Dimension: 20.59″Lx11.81″Wx14.87″H

Ramp Size: 22.63″Lx5.9″ W
Sliding Tray Size: 22.63″Lx21.4″ W

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Weight52.91 lbs
Dimensions40.16 × 29.53 × 11.02 in



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